About This Project

Great Transition Stories is an integral project of NewStories, a Washington-based 501(c)(3) educational non-profit. Directed by Duane Elgin in partnership with Lynnaea Lumbard and Jeff Vander Clute, GTS was first imagined in 2010 and launched as a wiki in 2012 designed to gather the meta stories of our time as a resource for understanding the archetypal processes we are immersed in.

This site is part of the NewStories constellation of websites dedicated to naming, connecting, nurturing and illuminating pathways towards a life-affirming future. Great Transition Stories represent the heart of NewStories work, making visible the larger stories behind the stories what we are collectively experiencing as our old systems collapse and people hunger for revolutionary change.

Which way will we go? How will it turn out? Will humanity live through these times? Which elements of society will survive? Whose values? Will we come out of this transition more loving and in better relationship with Earth or will we destory all that we know of as good in the process? The current news doesn’t give a lot of hope.

Our mission is to curate and present essential, emergent wisdom through a range of life-based stories that serve as guideposts to a sustainable and thriving future. Discovering the simple, emotionally powerful stories that describe our human journey and call our higher human potentials from us is a key task for our times. This is a profoundly rare moment in human evolution when we are beginning to develop the story of “all of us.” Our vision is to meet this window of opportunity with inspiring and empowering new stories that are grounded in lived experience and to offer tools and skills for partnering with these stories wherever you are.