Site Overview

GREAT TRANSITION STORIES are meta-stories that help us see the larger patterns that we, as humanity, are embedded in and living out for better or worse. We name them here based on the insight that the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shape our experience and that by finding and nurturing new and different stories we open to new possibilities for our future. Further, we understand that humans are now part of the evolutionary equation and that we have the capacity to consciously choose the stories that guide us, and thus influence the outcome of our own transition.

Our starting point is that we live in a Living Universe. This worldview is itself part of a Great Story in Transition, a transformation of the universe-is-a-clock-winding-down story born of the industrial revolution. For millennia, we knew we were one with nature and had a vital, soul-based relationship with our world. But for the past few hundred years, we have been living a different story that separates us from nature and gives us dominion over it. While this has produced the goodies we are now consumers of, it is not the whole story and it has dire consequences for our survival. So we find ourselves, through the very science of mechanics, coming around to realize that we are nature and that it’s all alive and we are all connected.

Now we are in a time of Great Transition where humanity must change its relationship to itself and to Earth in order to survive and thrive. We hold that this is possible and that the key to success is exploring How Life Does Change and beginning to align ourselves with its patterns.

We invite you to join us in a realm where you can see the larger stories that are moving through us and shaping our world. Then, consider partnering with us in stepping outside of them to choose how we participate in and even change the story of what humanity’s future looks like.