Great Stories Currently In Transition

Stories change over time.  What we used to believe about how we came to be, why we are here, what is ours to do and the nature of our guiding principles is transforming in our lifetimes. And we will have a part to play in where the story goes next.

We are in the process of changing our understanding of the fundamental nature of our universe. Once we were embedded in nature, before the scientific revolution changed the story and had us think we were somehow separate from all other life. Now, as the consequence of that story has impacted our lives, we are again changing the story to realize that we are nature in a Living Universe and it’s evolving through us.

Many other of our cherished stories and unexamined beliefs are also transforming—around money, energy, indigenous wisdom, the role of women. The more we understand how life works, the more clearly we can align with the patterns of life in how we are with each other as men and women, as different expressions of humanity in our races, religions, and our flow of commerce, as well as how we are in relationship with our land.