Carter Phipps



Carter Phipps is the executive editor of EnlightenNext magazine. In his eight years with EnlightenNext (formerly What Is Enlightenment?), he has been responsible for some of its most in-depth investigative features, including the acclaimed “Is God A Pacifist?”, a philosophical analysis of war, peace, and non-violence, and the “The Real Evolution Debate,” a spiritual and scientific analysis of evolutionary worldviews. See:

Phipps is a speaker and educator and has presented on various themes covered in EnlightenNext around the world. He represented the magazine at the invitation-only assembly of religious leaders at Montserrat, Spain, convened by the 2004 Parliament of the World’s Religions. Phipps has also led workshops and seminars exploring leading edge ideas in the new fields of collective intelligence and evolutionary spirituality.

Phipps received his BA in Business Economics from the University of Oklahoma, and worked as a computer engineer for a number of years. He currently lives with his wife in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts where he practices the Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings of Andrew Cohen.