Lynnaea Lumbard

Co-founder and Project Director

Lynnaea Lumbard, Ph.D., is a transformational psychologist, interfaith minister, wilderness guide, community weaver, social artist and strategic philanthropist.

My current work is curating New Stories to name, amplify and disseminate new stories and practices for a life-affirming future. When I am not writing or speaking, I engage with small collaborative teams to support, strengthen, and synergize the burgeoning new stories movement by:

    • generating website, brochure, and wiki materials
    • producing multi-generational conferences and gatherings
    • facilitating meetings and workshops
    • creating a StoryDome watershed film and community process
    • convening the leaders of thriving resilient communities networks
    • weaving a Thriving Salish Sea across cultures and countries
    • contributing to the compassion, peace, and youth movements
    • practicing strategic philanthropy
    • stewarding social change organizations such as Threshold Foundation, the Tipping Point Network, and Evolutionary Leaders.


I live with my husband, Rick Paine, in the land of ferries on both ends of the Salish Sea–Whidbey Island WA and Cortes Island BC.

January 1970 heralded my life’s path when I took a course called Consciousness and the Human Potential. A junior at Stanford, I was catapulted into the just-birthing world of humanistic and transpersonal psychology, studying with Abraham Maslow, Robert Ornstein, Charles Tart, and Jim Fadiman. The gates opened, I picked up the red thread and followed it towards whatever and whoever brought me to greater wholeness.

On the path to personal transformation, I trained as a practitioner of Hoffman Process, Reichian Therapy, encounter groups for social change, NLP, psychosynthesis, psychodrama, gestalt therapy, voice dialogue, conscious evolution, depth psychology, energywork, and council. I deepened with many guides and teachers: Richard Moss, Brugh Joy, Hal and Sidra Stone, Christine Downing, Jeffrey Raff, Gigi Coyle, and Russell Lockhart.

In 1986, I co-founded Temenos Associates, a national workshop company that I ran with Carole Kammen for ten years. We offered introductory consciousness intensives, ongoing trainings in enneagram, voice dialogue, and dreamwork and 12-day retreats for Awakening the Heart, Embracing the Shadow, and Opening the Third Eye.

When I met my husband and moved to Colorado in 1995, he and I became founding ministers of All Seasons Chalice Church, and built a spiritual community around the StarHouse. We trained as wilderness guides and led 12-day vision fasts in the Utah desert. Out of our experience of working with the Medicine Wheel, we created a four-year mystery school, integrating body, soul, mind and spirit through the changing seasons of life.

As I healed myself, I turned ever more to the wounds of our collective psyche. Having worked for years with the archetypal patterns that govern individual lives and knowing from direct experience that transformation is possible, I embarked on a learning journey to bring those successful processes to cultural healing. New Stories, for me comes out of the longing for humanity to step out of our old stories of who and what we are in order to come into greater wholeness ourselves and into a conscious and compassionate relationship with Earth and all life.