Authentic Leadership in Action

For the past 14 years, ALIA has been situated at the intersection of many roads. Travelers stop here to recharge, exchange stories from the field, and sharpen their skills. Some of these people are thought leaders and entrepreneurs applying new approaches to strategy, leadership, and change. Others are leaders, managers, policy makers, and educators looking for new options when the old ones are no longer working or not even possible.

ALIA is a convener of pioneering leaders and networks who are implementing positive change. It is also a place of applied learning and skill-building in the art and practice of authentic leadership, systems change, and social innovation.

ALIA recognizes that leadership is concentrated in formal positions, but it also exists everywhere. To move forward with confidence and clarity in these shifting times, everyone’s leadership is needed. Through its programs and activities, ALIA strengthens and builds on innate leadership capacities such as mindfulness, systems awareness, creativity, courage, and resilience.