Cultivating Women’s Leadership

Cultivating Women’s Leadership brings together impassioned women from diverse cultures, ages, and backgrounds to learn from and with each other for six‐day residential intensives. Rooted in values of respect, humility, creativity, intentionality and inquiry, CWL trainings develop women’s leadership by:

  • Featuring experiential learning and transformative leadership practices including arts, ritual, movement and storytelling that help connect the personal with the structural, systemic and political
  • Consciously shedding insidious beliefs, stories and biases that can limit women’s leadership capacity and considering new ideas, narratives or frameworks instead
  • Surfacing and appreciating what women uniquely bring to reinventing leadership while integrating healthy feminine and masculine characteristics for full‐spectrum leadership
  • Prioritizing connecting across differences as an essential leadership skillConnecting women to networks of diverse peers for ongoing coaching, influence, access and support